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My Marketing Plan

There is much more to my marketing plan then what is laid out below! Call me to schedule an appointment and I will share with you my complete marketing plan, including a technique that no other agent in Santa Cruz County and possibly in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties has been able to develop!

When listing your home my overall goal is to constantly keep your home on the minds of not only the Santa Cruz County real estate agents and Buyers but also the real estate agents and buyers in Santa Clara and San Mateo County.

Some of the Marketing benefits I will provide while your home is listed with me at American Dream Realty Capitola Office:

  1. Open Houses Scheduled when your home is not occupied:

    1. Private showing of your home to some 40 agents of American Dream Realty.

    2. Three hours every Thursday for the first two weeks on the market - hosting the Santa Cruz Brokers' Open House tour group and any interested buyers.

    3. Once a month thereafter for the same group.

  2. Advertisement in: (If possible please give me a month notice before listing so that I can start advertising the day before your home goes on the market. The magazine deadlines are usually on the 5th and 30th of each month).

    1. Homes Magazine

    2. Coastal Homes Magazine

    3. Santa Cruz Sentinel

    4. San Jose Mercury News

    5. Home Buyers Of Santa Clara Magazine

    6. American Dream Realty's Web Site at

    7. "Tershy's Tid Bits" at

  3. Flier with picture of your home:

    1. Personally faxed to top 50 agents in both Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County.

    2. Faxed to all major Santa Cruz, Santa Clara & San Mateo County Real Estate Brokers' Offices.

    3. Hand delivered by a company to all real estate agents in the major Santa Cruz, San Mateo & Santa Clara Brokersí offices

  4. "Just-Listed" cards to over 200 selected prospective buyers

    1. Followed up with a phone call, asking if they might know anyone who could have some interest in the property.

  5. Unique descriptive remarks in the Multiple Listing Service of:

    1. Santa Cruz County

    2. Monterey County

    3. Santa Clara County

    4. San Mateo County

  6. Over the years I have collected an extensive list of real estate agentsí E-Mail addresses. I use these E-Mail addresses to update and advertise my listings to those agents.

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